The unique natural environment is the greatest asset of Taitung. Enjoy time on the mountains and near the sea as much as you can. You should not miss the East Rift Valley and Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast. Here are two highly recommended two-day trip itineraries: East Coast Trip or Mountain Trip.


Day 1

Begin your forest adventure from heading to the Walking Trees at Luanshan and have lunch at Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden. Their signature vegetable hotpot is delicious and healthy. After lunch, visit Chulu Ranch for its fresh milk and beautiful Shanli Station.

We recommend you the best bike route in Taitung Wulin, Green Tunnel, formed with camphor and beefwood trees lining along the road. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air and the charming green trail. If you come over the weekend, check the 2626 Market and shop some local goods. The market is held here every other week.


Day 2:

Get up early and go to see the sunrise at Luye Gaotai. There is nothing better than watching the sun coming up over the mountains! After that, visit Kaadaadaan, experience the indigenous culture, cuisine, and coffee at this Amis village. Then have lunch at the famous Chishang Bento. In the afternoon, enjoy the beautiful landscape at Mr. Brown Avenue, which is called the “green road of paradise” and famous for its vast plains of rice fields.