Do you smell that? That is the smell of rice from the tribe! Today we will introduce to you the delicious and unique homemade meals in twelve tribal restaurants.


Fayan’s Amis Delicacies:Tribe X Delicacy X Fashion

The name of the restaurant, BAYAN Amis (芭洋in Chinese), is the family name of the owner’s mother. In an era when traditional culture and tribal characteristics are gradually lost, the owner Xiao-Yuan retains the characteristics of the Amis culture with its delicacies. Fayan’s Amis Delicacies is located in Chishang and offers no-menu dishes. All cooking ingredients are grown or raised by the owner herself, making them absolutely natural and organic. The fruits and vegetables used are also seasonal. Xiaoyuan’s cooking and seasoning skills are excellent, You can taste the original flavor of every ingredient. The whole restaurant is converted from a barn, and the restaurant and courtyard are gently and warmly arranged, which leaves people feeling relaxed.

In addition to cooking, Fayan’s Amis also offers Wild Vegetable Beating and Rubbing DIY and Tribal Brewing DIY experience. As part of Rubbing DIY, you will be led by the owner to the garden to pick leaves, and this will be followed by hitting them on linen with a hammer, imprinting the patterns of the green leaves. Brewing DIY teaches how to use 1000cc of glutinous rice to make sweet rice wine (Jiuniang). Be sure not to miss this experience!

Recommended Dishes: barbecue, grilled fish, fried wild vegetables, wooden barrel glutinous rice, millet wine

Address: No.51, 5th Neighborhood, Dapu, Chishang Township, Taitung County.
Phone: (+886) 0917 838 023
Business hours: 17:00-21:00 (Thursday to Saturday), 18:00-21:00 (Sunday to Wednesday)
Official Facebook website: Fayan’s Amis Delicacies


Kasavakan Dekalr Pento:a Delicious Tribal Takeaway Meal!

Are you eager to try the special flavor set of the local tribes, but hesitate about the distance between the tribes and the city? Or do you have no choice but to miss it because you need to catch up with the tour? Kasavakan Dekalr Pento was initiated by the Puyuma Kasavakan Tribe. They are indigenous to Taitung, and present their unique cuisine in a boxed meal way. Staple foods include delicious cured meat, a-bai, and fresh wild vegetables. The layout of the boxed meal is local and delicate, just like opening a beautiful gift box. Yes! It resembles that of the thoughtful hearts of the Puyuma Tribe – a small gift for travelers!

Recommended Dishes: various special tribal boxed meals, vitex black tea

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Phone: (+886) 089-511578
Official LINE: @176oijhx
Business hours: please call between 09:00-16:00
Order link:
Official website: Kasavakan FB
Reminder: Ten or more orders can be delivered (only in Taitung City); For less than 30 orders, please book 3 days in advance. For more than 30, please book 7 days in advance.


Yunjhan Tribal Music Restaurant: Indigenous Traditional Song and Dance + Flavorful Meal

Traveling to Taitung with your family is an unforgettable memory. Yunjhan Tribal Music Restaurant is also a good choice for table dishes! The prices are reasonable, the dishes are rich, and more importantly, the dining atmosphere here is unique. There is also a large tribal swing in the middle of the restaurant. You can also enjoy traditional tribal dancing and live singing from 6:30 to 8:30 every night.

Recommended Dishes: grilled fish, slate barbecue, fried ostrich meat, salted fish served with rice

(Photo:Yunjhan Tribal Music Restaurant FB )

Address: No.187, Sec. 2, Xing’an Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County
Phone: (+886) 089-228-999
Business hours: 11:00-14:00; 17:00-22:00
Official Facebook website Yunjhan Tribal Music Restaurant

Reminder: If you would like to order a grilled chicken and grilled fish, please make an appointment in advance!