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2020 International Austronesian Art Award

“Austronesian” refers to a large group of various peoples in numerous countries and islands in the area encompassing the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. Taitung has rich ecological resources and cultural heritage. Nearly 1/3rd of the population is of Austronesian origin. The Taitung County Government has held the International Austronesian Art Award since 2011 but changed from an annual to a biannual event in 2014. This award integrates Austronesian culture with modern art in an effort to encourage cultural interactions between Austronesian artists throughout the world.


Due to the pandemic this year, the 6th Austronesian Art Award will only accommodate domestic artist residency. In the future, the award will re-open the artist resident eligibility to the international artist once again. From November to December, ten selected artists(groups) will take their residency to take inspiration from Taitung’s natural beauty and its rich Austronesian culture. The artists will create various works of art that fully represent Taitung’s cultural and natural blessings.
Each artist carefully crafts their work using their unique understanding and appreciation of Taiwan’s Austronesian culture. Everyone is welcomed to join the grand event to experience the artists’ spirit and passion.


Participating Artists / Art Medium
1.FANG Wei Wen / Mixed Media, Painting, Installation Art
2. Eleng LULUAN / Visual and Plastic Arts
3. LI Ping Yi / Print Art, Botanical Art
4. Talaluki / Iron Sculpture, Large Scale Public Art, Land Art
5. Euglena Program of Art (Lu Mu Jen & Chiao Sheng Wei) / Lacquer Painting, Acrylic Painting
6.PENG Hsien Hsiang / Sculpture, Painting, Watercolor
7. LAI Chi Man / Stone Carving
8. TSAI Ken / Sculpture, Mixed Media
9. LIU Yung Jen / Watercolor, Oil Painting, Mixed Media
10. HSIAO Chu Fang / Painting, Portraiture


Dates:Sat Dec 12th, 2020 – Sun Jan 17th, 2021
Location: Taitung Art Museum
Hours:09:00-17:00 (Open Tuesday – Sunday)
Organized by the Taitung County Government
Official Website: