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2021 King Kong Marathon

The King Kong Marathon, also known as the Changbin Marathon, is reputed as the most scenic marathon in Taiwan. Runners get to enjoy two types of waves during the race; blue waves on endless expanses of the Pacific, and green waves on the swaying rice paddies of Changbin. This race is called the King Kong Marathon because it goes along King Kong Avenue. From King Kong Avenue, you can see King Kong Mountain and also catch a stunning panoramic view the Pacific Ocean extending out to meet the horizon. The Changbin Marathon has only been held 4 times. Despite this, runners from Taiwan and abroad are always eager to sign up because the race features amazing views of the mountains and the sea.


The Changbin Marathon is separated into three races; a full marathon (42.195km), a half marathon (21km) and a “just-for-fun run” (7.5km). Participants have the option to register as a team for the full marathon and the half marathon. The race starts and ends at Changbin Elementary School.

The main part of the race covers a section of Provincial Highway 11. Runners will go through the indigenous villages of Zhongyong and Gangkou as well as pass famous sites such as the Baxian Caves, the Changhong Bridge and the Tropic of Cancer Landmark. Participants get a chance to enjoy some amazing scenery and experience a bit of local culture. Also, starting from the fourth King Kong Marathon, the organizers decided to begin the race at 4:50 AM. Now, runners can watch the sun rise over the east coast as they make their way down King Kong Avenue.


The top three contestants in each age group will receive prize money and a trophy. All participants that finish the race will get a commemorative King Kong shaped medal and two towels. These gifts look great will remind you of your impressive accomplishment. In addition to Hualien, Taitung and Yuli, the organizers added Taipei and Kaohsiung this year to the list of places you can catch a shuttle to the race. We warmly welcome you to join this lively event and enjoy amazing panoramic views of the east coast.

Date:Sunday, May 2, 2021
Time: 04:50 AM (Start Time)
Registration Period:Tuesday, Jan 18, 2021 to Friday, Mar 26, 2021
Location : Taitung County, Changbin Township, Changbin Elementary School
Organizers: East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau

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