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Taitung Voted as “World’s Most Welcoming Region” in 2021

When people talk about the things they love about Taitung, the food and the natural beauty usually come up first. However, visitors often say the friendliness here is what they remember most. Now, it’s our great honor to announce that has named Taitung as the “Most Welcoming City of 2021!” Millions of visitors have praised the top-notch service at Taitung’s many hotels as well as the warmth and hospitality of the people here. This makes Taitung a place that has visitors coming back time and time again.


Taitung has the highest proportion of indigenous people of any county in Taiwan. Different ethnic groups, traditions and cultures coexist harmoniously in Taitung. In recent years, Taitung has experienced an influx of foreign visitors, with a significant number of them settling down here. This is a reflection of Taitung’s diversity and tolerance. Magistrate of Taitung, April Yao, has been committed to making her vision of sustainable tourism a reality. Based upon the principles of “Truth, Good and Beauty,” Yao hopes to attract visitors by promoting Taitung’s pristine environment, friendly people and stunning natural beauty. In addition to holding various international events, the Taitung County Government has been actively consulting businesses on becoming English friendly (bilingual) and creating positive travel experiences. Also, the Taitung County Government has been promoting sustainable tourism, farm tours and travel to indigenous villages. Taitung wants visitors to make lasting memories by exploring further, connecting with local culture and experiencing Taitung’s special laidback atmosphere.

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