2022 Austronesian International Arts Award

Austronesian culture is a vital part of Taitung’s culture. Austronesian languages refer to the languages used and spoken in the islands scattered around the Southern Pacific and the Indian Ocean. While they may be spread far and wide geographically, there is a vast literature that proves the language and people share common ground. More importantly, it has been shown that Taitung is home to the Austronesian languages.

Taitung’s magnificent view and humble humanistic culture match perfectly and contain a rich and positive creative energy. Recently, the Taitung Government has used the theme of “slow” to attract artists and individuals in the art industry from all around, as well as actively promoting art events of all kinds so that Taitung is overflowing with artistic vibes. To pass down and preserve Austronesian culture, the County Government holds an Austronesian International Arts Awards every two years which bridges Taitung with the Pacific Island artists. In the meantime, the event is also a platform for artists from Taiwan and abroad to communicate, encouraging artists to explore the mountains, oceans, nature, Austronesian humanistic context, environmental issues, their memories in life, and to express their concern for the Austronesian issues through their works.

This year marks the 7th Austronesian International Arts Awards, attracting artists from all around the world to participate. Ten artists (groups) were selected from the many applications. To spark thought and conversations among the public about Austronesian culture and art, the prize-winning works from the 2022 Austronesian International Arts Awards will be on display in December at the Taitung Art Museum. We cordially invite everyone to come and enjoy the art.

Exhibition Information
Exhibition Dates: Dec. 17, 2022 (Sat) – Jan. 29, 2023 (Sun)
Exhibition Location: Taitung Art Museum
Grand Opening and Awards Ceremony: Dec. 17, 2022 (Sat) 10:00-11:30
Location: Taitung Art Museum Dachuang Room