2022 Chishang Township Joint Indigenous Harvest Festival Kick-offs on August 20

Taitung County is home to many indigenous groups. Each year, between the summer months of July and August, harvest festivals are held one after another by the different tribes. The Joint Indigenous Harvest Festival is an important event held by the Amis tribe. Besides the many rituals, welcoming ceremonies are also held to introduce aboriginal culture to the guests who have come to share in the festivities. The leaders, chiefs, chairpersons, and people of the nine tribes all gather by the stage at Dapo Lake to celebrate the harvest with music and dance. Gathering after a busy harvest with intricate decoration and beautiful traditional clothing, paired with exquisite music and dance, represents the unity of the Chishang Amis people.

Some of the most representative indigenous harvest festivals and millet harvest festivals include the Amis Joint Indigenous Harvest Festival Makapahay cultural tourism events held by the Taitung City Office, East Rukai Harvest Festival held by the Taromak Tribe in Beinan Township, Amis County Joint Harvest Festival in Changbin Township, the Joint Harvest Festival in Guanshan Township, and the Kadibu Tribe’s Millet Harvest Festival. The Kadibu Millet Harvest Festival’s wrestling festivities will be canceled this year due to the pandemic, and other rituals and services will be held privately and not open to the public.

Many tribes canceled their harvest festivals due to the pandemic last year, some tribes downsized the festivals and only held certain rituals and services privately. While the pandemic is still ongoing, the public has begun to learn how to coexist with COVID. This year, the Chishang Township Joint Indigenous Harvest Festival is scheduled to kick-off on August 13. We welcome guests and visitors to come and experience a unique festival.

2022 Chishang Township Joint Indigenous Harvest Festival
Event date: 08:30 on August 13th, 2022
Organizer: Chihshang Township Office
Address: 958, Dapo Lake, Chishang Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 089-862041