2022 Nanhui Art Project

Do you enjoy exhibitions as much as you enjoy the ocean? The 2022 Nanhui Art Project is about to kick off. This year, 8 stunning pieces of landscape artwork will be on display along the South Link Highway. Taking nature’s blue skies and green fields as the backdrop, the masterpieces blend effortlessly into a relaxing and beautiful scenery. Come experience Taitung’s cultural charisma without ever needing to step foot in an art museum!

The Nanhui Art Project has been held annually since 2018. Each year, renowned artists from around Taiwan and the world are invited to become resident creators. Each piece incorporates the landscapes and culture of Taitung’s South-Link to create a new “Taitung Ocean and Mountain Art Museum Cluster” scene. It is continually gaining popularity amongst visitors and tourists. This year’s theme is “Art Sproutland.” Sprout refers to plants sprouting and growing, representing the hope of new beginnings. “Art Sprout Land” refers to the vast natural beauty seen throughout the South Link that is home to life-filled earth. The land is filled with inspiration, home of creation and sprouting of imaginative ideas.

This year’s art festival will be held between August 21 and November 30. The artwork will be on display at Huayuan Bay, Beili Coast, Daxi Elementary School Kiss-and-Ride and Dawu Coastal Park. The 8 large artworks will be dispersed throughout the mountains, oceans, and tribes, each bearing local cultural context. Each piece of artwork is unique and perfect for snapping those relaxing and stunning photos. Make sure to check out the South Link area when you’re visiting the art festival! Add these locations to your list of sites to visit right now! (Photo Credit:FB@Nanhui Art Project

(Friendly Reminder: to ensure the integrity of the pieces, please do not touch or remove any part of the artwork)

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