2022 Taitung Light Festival

Did you know that there’s more to Taitung’s night sky than just the breathtaking galaxy view? The dark backdrop will be transformed into a stage to present a dazzling light show. Taitung’s first international light festival Taitung Light Festival will take off in mid-October in Zhiben and we invite guests from all around to join us in during a sparkling and magical evening.

Famous art critic, John Berger, once said, “Our eyes are naturally attracted to light, light is like an energy source that attracts our senses.” He concludes that man must walk towards the light. Furthermore, light is the source of all images. Light art first joined the artistic stage in the 1970s. The medium rapidly improved with the improvement in technology. Artists incorporated new media and techniques to combine sound and light to create magnificent and bright exhibition spaces for Light and Sound Art.

Light and Sound Art has become a popular art form in recent years. The Taitung Light Festival will be the first event in Taitung to present light and sound art. The theme of the exhibition is energy and vitality. A total of twelve light art groups from Taiwan, France, and Australia, will use the mountains and oceans as elements and inspiration to create art that will illuminate Zhiben. The exhibition hopes to paint Zhiben with a variety of lights and projection devices to create a surprising feast for your sensations and bring about loads of positive energy. The Taitung Light Festival will be held for a month. We encourage friends from all around to take advantage of this festival and visit Zhiben. While visiting Zhiben, guests should also plan a hot spring day trip and relax their minds and bodies.

(Photo credit: FB@TaitungLightFestival)

Date: Oct. 29 to Nov. 13, 2022

Time: 16:00-21:00

Address: Zhiben Hot Springs (around No. 18, Lane 276, Wenquan Rd, Beinan Township, Taitung County)

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