2022 Taitung Slow Eat

Those who have had the opportunity to visit Taitung will most likely dream about a-bai, cinavu, prickly ash omelet, catjang pea rib soup, and other dishes unique to Taitung. Taitung’s delicacies have a distinct scent that you won’t find elsewhere. The secret to this beautiful flavor can be found in the local seasonings.

A large variety of native plants and wild vegetables grow along the forests and fields of Taitung. Common spices you’ll find include the rich and fragrant bay leaf, spicy and passionate maqaw and the refreshing prickly ash. The tribal people have integrated these flavors into their meals. Besides masking unpleasant smells, these spices add layers of flavors and colors to the dishes to create intricate combinations of tastes that bestow soul onto the foods.

Each tribe and family has its own unique blend of spices. The way of growing and foraging these spices is passed down generation after generation. The traditional and unique flavors become a part of the tribe’s DNA that carries local culture and memories.

The 2022 Taitung Slow Food Autumn Festival has the theme Fragrant Dinner Table and will be held at the Taitung Old Station located next to Fantasy Tiehua on October 29 and 30. Selected local chefs, vendors, and farmers will create fragrant and delicious local cuisine using the spices and herbs they are familiar with. In line with the slow food ideology, no artificial flavoring and MSG will be added to the dishes so that they can truly showcase the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Those of you who enjoy slow foods must come and experience Taitung’s fragrance. Taste the combination of the spices, listen to the many local stories behind the flavors and return with the memory of Taitung’s flavors. Friendly Reminder: single-use utensils and dishware will not be provided, please bring own.

(photo credit: [email protected] Food Taitung)

Date: October 29-30, 2022

Time: 16:00-21:00

Location: Taitung Old Station Area (field behind the railway garage park)

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