Taiwan Open Surfing 2022

Taitung is a unique and blessed ocean city. It has the longest coastline in Taiwan, stretching over 176 kilometers, and offering steady waves year-round. Northeast seasonal winds are prominent from November to December making it the surfing season in Taitung. Of the various surf points, Jinzun is one of the world-class surf spots, and the only venue listed in the Asian Surfing Championship and World Surf League (WSL).

All eyes anticipating the 2022 Taiwan Open of Surfing to start on November 12. The event has been held since 2011, it is not only one of the biggest surf events in Taiwan but also a vital stop in the International Surfing Association’s Qualifying Series. Jinzun attracts top surfers from all around the world each year. Many international surfers were unable to attend the Open of Surfing last year due to the pandemic. This year, as the global pandemic settles, the event has returned to its full capacity and we anticipate a full and exciting competition.

This year’s games will also be the first time the WSL Women’s Shortboard Qualifying Series (QS5000) will be held in Taitung, alongside the Men’s Shortboard Qualifying Series (QS3000). This will be the final important qualifying series of the year which is sure to attract top surfers to compete. The host organization has planned various events and activities such as an exciting All-Star performance and surfing workshops so that guests can experience the joy and fun of surfing in many different ways.

Besides watching the stunning surf maneuvers, the games will also allow guests from around Taiwan and international visitors to experience Taitung’s slow living and east coast style. The Surfing Fast Eating Slow Jinzun Romantic Food Market will allow guests to taste local delicacies and enjoy the food at their own slow pace. Goods Taitung offers local and aboriginal craft courses, allowing you to engage in the rich culture and vibrant energy of the locals.(Photo Credit:[email protected] Open of Surfing

Date: November 12—20, 2022
Address: Jinzun Harbor, Hedong Township, Taitung County