2022 Pasiwali Festival

With a mountain boar-themed main stage, colorful and spectacular lights, and exciting and upbeat music—Taiwan PASIWALI Festival Aboriginal International Music Festival is one of the most representative international music events in Asia. Each year, aboriginal musicians and bands are invited from around Taiwan and abroad to bring the most exciting and energizing performances to the audience in Taitung and showcase Taitung’s passion and hospitality.

PASIWALI is from the Amis language, meaning “towards the east.” The phrase also represents the birthplace of aboriginal tribes. Taitung is the capital of aboriginal tribes, the aboriginal population here is close to 80,000. The 7 aboriginal tribes in Taitung make up a third of Taitung’s population. This is also where the greatest number of aboriginal tribes are located in Taiwan. This year marks the 5th time The 2022 Taiwan PASIWALI Festival is the 5th annual music festival has been annually held. The inspiration behind the festival remains the same, greeting the world with aboriginal music and dance, and connecting Taitung’s aboriginal music with the world. The festival hopes to help bring cohesiveness to Austronesian language music creators, increase aboriginal composers’ visibility, and break through boundaries and make friends through the power of music.

The 2022 Taiwan PASIWALI Festival will have performances from Shou Lou, Nine Chen, MATZKA, Black Goodie, and other renowned artists and performance groups from Taiwan. In addition to these artists, aboriginal artists from the Philippines and other countries will also be invited to join the festivities. Entry to the festival is free of charge. Attendees can choose to sit or stand on the grassy fields and enjoy a picnic while watching the performances, or dance freely to the music. Gather up a group of friends and make sure not to miss this festival!

(Photo credit: FB@TaiwanPasiwaliFestival)

Date: Oct. 22nd-23rd, 2022
Address: Taitung Forest Park (No. 300 Huatai Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County)
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