Taitung Pandemic Update!

The CECC has announced, in consideration of the easing of the pandemic and stabilizing of COVID, some COVID regulations, including mask mandates, will be loosened beginning on December 1st to balance epidemic prevention and social and economic operations. The cap on arriving visitors from abroad will also be removed beginning on December 10th (based on the flight’s arrival time).

1. Foreigners arriving in Taiwan
While the cap on arriving visitors from abroad will be removed beginning on December 10th, passengers must still comply with the following measures: arriving passengers shall receive 4 COVID-19 antigen self-tests to be used during the 7-day self-initiated prevention period. Passengers who have experienced similar symptoms for up to 14 days before traveling should report their symptoms to the CECC officials at the airport/port, cooperate in taking a saliva antigen test, and proceed to take a quarantine vehicle to their residence.

2. Information on tourist destination and event changes
– Masks must be worn at popular and crowded sites. No entrance restriction will be placed at the Fantasy Tiehua market.Real-name registration discontinued
– Masks are not required in outdoor spaces such as the International Landmark, Shanyuan Beach Park, and Jinzun Recreation Area. Visitors are still advised to carry masks and observe social distancing. Masks should still be worn when unable to maintain social distancing.
– Masks may be removed in spacious areas in mountains and forests (including forest recreation areas). Tourists visiting national forest recreation areas, forest parks, nature paths, and other spacious sites may remove their masks.

3. Transportation
– Taiwan trip- East Coast Main Line: return to normal
– Taiwan trip- East Rift Valley Line: return to normal
– Ferries between Taitung and Green Island: operating from July 27th
– Passengers using public transportation should continue to wear their masks at all times while when on vehicles.

4. Other venue regulations
Mask mandates are no longer required when outdoors, except for large outdoor events such as New Year’s Eve or end-of-year parties. Rules and regulations for those events will be announced later considering the future pandemic situation.

Masks should continue to be worn at all times when indoors, but exclusions will be made under the following conditions.

  1. When exercising indoors or outdoors.
  2. When taking group or individual photographs indoors or outdoors.
  3. When driving alone or with passengers who live in the same household.
  4. During live broadcasts, recordings, hosting, reporting, speeches, lectures, and other speaking events or occupations.
  5. During mountain or seaside activities (including forest recreation areas).
  6. During water activities where the mask may easily become wet such as hot or cold springs, sauna, SPA, and other water zones.
  7. Masks must be worn at all times when singing.
  8. Masks may be removed outdoors to consume food or drink when necessary.
  9. Crowd control measures in markets, supermarkets, and shops can be relaxed and are no longer mandated. Food samples are allowed. Follow on-site epidemic preventions measures. Real-name registration discontinued.