Taitung Pandemic Update!

Taiwan has entered a mass transmission stage of COVID, and BA.4 and BA.5 cases of overseas arrivals are on the rise, The Central Epidemic Command Center announced. Current mask mandates and other COVID prevention measures will be remain in place starting on July 1 to ensure epidemic prevention, economical and social growth, as well as maintain Taiwan’s medical capacity and control risk.

1. Entry restrictions for foreigners
To comply with global pandemic changes, passengers arriving in Taiwan must undergo saliva-based PCR tests at airports/seaports. A mandatory three-day-quarantine followed by four days of self-health monitoring will still be required. However, effective from September 1, individuals may return to their homes to complete the four-days of self-health monitoring if they can meet the one-person per room and bathroom requirement. Individuals may not check into non-quarantine hotels to complete the four-day-self-health-monitoring period.

2. Information on tourist destination and event changes
– Due to Orchid Island’s insufficient medical capacity and lack of quarantine hotel facilities, passengers traveling to Orchid Island must be fully vaccinated and boosted or provide a negative PCR test within three days of travel (children can provide a PCR or rapid test) before checking in to a B&B. When checking into the B&B, guests must complete and sign an affidavit letter. Should the guest receive notification to quarantine after arriving on the Island, the guest must quarantine locally at the B&B. All living expenses for the single bedroom quarantine will be covered by the quarantined individual. This phase 1 COVID regulation will be in action from April 25th until July 20th and is susceptible to change based on the conditions of the pandemic.
– Masks must be worn at popular and crowded sites (including Fantasy Tiehua, terminal stations, TTSTYLE wave house). No entrance restriction will be placed at the Fantasy Tiehua market.Real-name registration discontinued
– Masks are not required in outdoor spaces such as the International Landmark, Shanyuan Beach Park, and Jinzun Recreation Area. Visitors are still advised to carry masks and observe social distancing. Masks should still be worn when unable to maintain social distancing.
– Masks may be removed in spacious areas in mountains and forests (including forest recreation areas). Tourists visiting national forest recreation areas, forest parks, nature paths, and other spacious sites may remove their masks. However, masks must still be worn at all times when unable to maintain social distance, when entering into indoor spaces, or when individuals not living in the same space enter the tent.

3. Transportation
– Taiwan trip- East Coast Main Line: return to normal
– Taiwan trip- East Rift Valley Line: return to normal
– Ferries between Taitung and Green Island: operating from July 27th

4. Other venue regulations
Mask regulations are relaxed and masks may be removed in some situations, but a mask should still be readily available and must be worn when unable to maintain social distancing or if symptoms present themselves. You may remove your mask under the following conditions:

  1. When exercising indoors or outdoors.
  2. When taking group or individual photographs indoors or outdoors.
  3. When driving alone or with passengers who live in the same household.
  4. During live broadcasts, recordings, hosting, reporting, speeches, lectures, and other speaking events or occupations.
  5. Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and animal husbandry workers may remove their masks when working outdoors or in spacious areas (such as in the fields, fish farms, or in the mountains).
  6. During mountain or seaside activities (including forest recreation areas).
  7. During water activities where the mask may easily become wet such as hot or cold springs, sauna, SPA, and other water zones.
  8. Masks must be worn at all times when singing.
  9. Masks may be removed outdoors to consume food or drink when necessary.
  10. Crowd control measures in markets, supermarkets, and shops can be relaxed and are no longer mandated. Food samples are allowed. Follow on-site epidemic preventions measures. Real-name registration discontinued.
  11. Food may be consumed on the HSR, trains, buses, ships, and boats (excluding dining areas), and domestic flights. Real-name registration discontinued.
  12. Entry into bars, clubs, hair salons, and saunas requires proof of booster shot and use of the real-name registration. Patrons presenting respiratory complications will be denied entry.

5. Taitung COVID-19 Testing
The eight County-appointed testing facilities are: MOHW Taitung Hospital, Taitung Christian Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Taitung Branch, Taitung MacKay Memorial Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Guanshan Tzu Chi Hospital, MOHW Taitung Hospital Chenggong Branch, Lanyu Township Public Health Center, Green Island Township Public Health Center.

If you or your friends have been in high-risk COVID-19 areas, and exhibit fever, upper respiratory system symptoms, loss of taste, or smell, please properly put on a mask and go to one of the testing facilities listed above. Please do not use public transportation, and tell medical staff about who you’ve been in contact with, where you have traveled, and your symptoms. Providing highly accurate information will help your doctors be able to diagnose and treat you correctly.

6. COVID-19 information inquiry
You can browse theTaitung News,Taitung County Public Health Bureau COVID-19 Section, or contact the Taitung Public Hotline: 1999

As COVID-19 has moved to a community spreading stage, we ask everyone to cooperate with the regulations. Please wash your hands frequently, be aware of coughing etiquette, mask-wearing, and other protective measures, reduce unnecessary activities and gatherings, and avoid crowded and high-risk areas.