2022 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival

The annual East Coast Land Art Festival combines natural landscapes, artistic creations, tribal culture, and remote town traveling so that visitors can get a full experience of the local beauty. Entering its eighth year, the East Coast Land Art Festival’s theme this year will be “island of many mountains, ocean of many islands.” The theme’s inspiration comes from Taiwan’s geographical nature. The ocean surrounds Formosa Island, it is a natural barrier, bringing flowing and active thoughts and imaginations, more importantly, recording and spreading the Austronesian languages and cultures through voyages across the islands. As you approach this ocean of many islands, you’ll find that Taiwan has many stories to share. This year’s festival will promote the multicultural spirit through “Resident’s Creations,” “Moonlight Sea Concert,” “Arts Platform — Collaboration Action,” and more.

The Moonlight Sea Concert will be a beautiful collaboration between the moonlit night, ocean, and poetry. The concert will be held with nature as the stage. The moon rises above the ocean’s horizon on a full moon’s evening, glistening over the waves. This is the most beautiful prelude to the evening’s performance. The audience will sit under the moonlight on the grassy fields and enjoy the musical feast. There will be a total of 8 concerts this year with an incredible lineup of performers including Amis Kakeng band, Sangpuy, Suming Rupi, MAFANA band, and more. The “Shadow Island and Waves” ticket sales performance on July 15th will have an epic performance list including Michelle Pan, One-Fang, Your Woman Sleep with Others, and more. You’ll be blown away by the beautiful melodies. There will even be a “Creative Market” set up so that guests can come and enjoy a wonderful summer evening. (Photo Credit:East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau

2022 Moonlight Sea Concert Times

June 22nd (Tuesday) Summer Island Song
July 14th (Thursday) Songs that Flow through the Islands
July 15th (Friday) Shadow Island and Waves (Ticket Sales)
August 13th (Saturday) Island Ocean Whirling
August 14th (Sunday) Island Harps and Pianos
September 10th (Saturday) Island Hot Waves
September 11th (Sunday) Island Party
September 12th (Monday) Ocean of Many Islands

Time: 16:30-21:45 (Actual times depends on the concert)
Location: Taitung Torik Visitor Center (No. 25 Xincun Rd, Xinyi Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County)
Ticket Price: 1000 NTD per ticket (includes 150 NTD vouchers for the Market) Children 6 years old and younger can attend for free. iBON ticket website
How to purchase: tickets available for purchase on 7-11’s iBON system
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