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“Artists are not only responsible for creating beauty, but also for finding it.” Paul Chiang

International famous abstract artist, Paul Chiang, strongly believes that he is to share the beauty he interprets from nature with people. He has lived by this belief by expressing beauty through his paintings. Beginning in the 1980s, Paul Chiang had the idea to open his gallery in East Hampton, New York, to the public in the summer. Guests would enter a green grassy field planted with potatoes and be deeply moved by nature’s fresh and magnificent beauty.

Chiang traveled and lived in the United States for over three decades. He moved back to Taiwan in 1996 and founded his workshop in Jinzun in 2007. Since then, Chiang’s work has been deeply inspired by beautiful nature, providing life and energy for his artistic career. The works created here are vibrant and flourishing masterpieces. These works prompted him to revisit the idea of opening his gallery to the public. This time, however, Chiang wishes to create an art center that can blend art and architecture into Taitung’s natural beauty while allowing Artist-in-Residence to create in this space.

Paul Chiang has applied for his studio in Taitung to become an Art Center with the assistance of Mr. Stanley Yen, chairman of The Alliance Cultural Foundation, by inviting Architect Youhan Lin to design a space that will blend into the east coast environment. The Art Center’s buildings are arranged in settlement style. There are no tall buildings in the center, rather small spaces are scattered along the mountainside, blending the structures into the mountains. The entire space consists of three settlements: the reception center & art gallery, artist-in-resident workshops, and Paul Chiang’s painting space. The art center is still under construction at this time; however, parts of the center will be open to the public as part of the Taitung Art Museum’s 2022 Paul Chiang Solo Exhibition.” There are plans for many more artists’ work to be displayed here in the future, eventually to build an internationally acclaimed unique east coast art platform. (Photo Credit:FB@Paul Chiang Art Center

Exhibition dates: From now until November 27th

Operating hours: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (Tuesday – Sunday) Closed on Mondays

Address: No. 132-1 Jinzun, Hedong Township, Taitung County

Phone Number: 089-223-301 #112


Gentle Reminder:

  • Parties of 10 or more should make a reservation by phone one week in advance.
  • Many of the amenities are incomplete at the moment. Please take advantage of the bathrooms at the Jinzun Recreation Area and the Donghe Bridge Recreation Area nearby.
  • No food, drinks, umbrellas, or pets are allowed in the exhibition space.