Taitung Cozy Hot Springs

Winter is here and bringing all the chilly weather with it. There’s no better time to come on down to the hot springs of Taitung!

Taitung is located between faults of the Coastal and Central Mountain Ranges. It has been blessed with breathtaking views of mountains and streams while also boasting many natural hot springs. Those who are lucky enough to enjoy the cozy hot springs of Taitung will have their minds and souls nourished and rejuvenated.

A Taitung Cozy Hot Spring event was held at the end of 2021 where the Taitung County Government shared its plans to create a warm and cozy brand for Taitung’s hot springs. In efforts to distinguish the unique properties of each hot spring, as well as to pave the way for the brand’s future endeavors, the three types of Taitung Warmth have been introduced: “Intellectual Warmth,” “Sensual Warmth,” and “Straightforward Warmth.”

  • Intellectual Warmth describes the elegant and graceful warmth felt by high-end hotels. Travelers won’t need to limit themselves just to the hot springs. They can also experience hydrotherapy through spas, and play in the waterpark-like areas. Pairing the above with sumptuous meals is sure to provide a luxurious and restful vacation.
  • Sensual Warmth focuses on the friendly and snug warmth felt through hostels and B&Bs to experience Taitung residents’ homey vibes. Whether that is through a traditional Japanese-style log cabin or a B&B outfitted with an aboriginal touch, Taitung guests will surely enjoy the candid ambiance while soaking themselves in the hot spring.
  • Straightforward Warmth focuses on untampered, naturally-occurring hot springs to let visitors be unrestrained and become one with nature. Guests mid-travel, can make a quick pitstop, soak their feet, and listen to the babbling of the mountain streams flowing by. Better yet, bring some simple cooking gear and eggs, and cook up some pouched eggs in the hot spring to serve as a side excursion.

Using Taitung Warmth, visitors will have a clear grasp of the hot springs available in Taitung, and select which hot spring is most suitable for their itinerary. Currently, there are also some ongoing events to help promote the Taitung Cozy Hot Spring brand. Current events include the Taitung Cozy Hot Spring Clothing Design Competition, Taitung Cozy Hot Spring Tour and an Online Photography Exhibition. Please visit the official Taitung Cozy Spring website or Facebook page for more information.