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A-Mei, Queen of Mandopop’s New Year’s Eve Concert is probably the most talked about event in Taiwan, and it’s happening in Taitung! Whether you are counting down the New Year with A-Mei, enjoying the local firework extravaganza, or embracing the first rays of New Year sunlight in Taimali, Taitung is the place to be to welcome a bigger and better 2021!

Countdown to New Year 2021


New Year’s Eve Concert/ Market X Taitung DJ Performance (December 31st Afternoon)

The markets at the “A-Mei Utopia East New Year’s Concert” starts at noon and will have five different themed area – “Classic Delicacies, “Taitung Originals,” “Ice-Cold Refreshments,” “Luxury Gifts,” and “Outdoor Play Area.” Come check out the market at the Taitung Seashore Park with over 80 local participating vendors. Be sure to check out the “Taitung Originals” area for local handmade crafts as well as delicious Indigenous Taitung snacks. For those who love to dance and party, there will be live DJ performances start at 3 pm. Get your groove on and ring in 2021 with us in Taitung!

Address:Taitung Seashore Park

Hours:[Market] 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM , [DJ Performance] 03:00 PM -05:30 PM



2021 A-Mei (Kulilay Amit) UTOPIA EAST New Year’s Concert

2021 is coming soon! This New Year’s Eve, A-Mei “The Queen of Mandopop” will return to her hometown of Taitung for a free New Year’s Eve concert at the Taitung Seashore Park. In addition to performing some of her greatest hits, A-Mei will also be counting down the New Year with all those in attendance! The concert will feature numerous exciting performances from guest singers and local DJs. Don’t miss out! Book your hotel and train tickets in advance and start your New Year’s off with a bang with the “Queen of Mandopop”.

Date: Thur, Dec 31st 2020

Location: Taitung Seashore Park

15:00-17:30  Local DJ Performance

18:00-21:00  Special Guest Performances

21:30-00:30  Headliner Performance – A-Mei

Organized by the Taitung County Government

Official Website:

Welcome 2021’s First Rays of Sun


Taimali Millennium Dawn Concert (December 31st Evening – January 1st Early Morning)
After a night of festivities, head over to the Taimali seaside to enjoy the New Year’s first rays of light. In 2000, Taimali Beach was selected in a worldwide New Year’s live broadcasting event to be the first location to welcome the first dawn of the 21st century. It is estimated that nearly 800 million viewers around the world witnessed the breathtaking views from Taimali beach that New Year. If you are looking for somewhere a bit less crowded, head to the nearby park for the all-night music festival. The melodies blending with the sounds of the gentle Pacific waves are sure to make for an ethereal and romantic atmosphere. With the warm rays of light shining through the clouds and azure waves crashing into the equally blue Taitung skies, 2021’s first dawn in Taimali will surely be an unforgettable experience!

Address:Taitung County, Taimali Township, Taimali Dawn Park

Hours:[ Taimali New Year’s Eve Concert ] 20:30 (12/31) — 05:30 (1/1);[ Taimali Millennium Dawn Concert ] 05:30 — 07:00 (1/1)



Sanxiantai : A New Dawn, A New Year ( January 1st Early Morning)

Bordered by the vast Pacific Ocean on one side and the lofty coastal mountain range behind, it’s no wonder Sanxiantai has long been a favorite spot to catch the first sunrise to welcome the New Year. Lay down on the pebbled beach and enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the Milky Way while you wait for the sun to rise. Be sure to chant a hearty “Happy New Year!” with the eager crowds overlooking this breathtaking view.

Address:Taitung County, Chenggong Township, Sanxiantai Recreation Area

Hours:03:30 — 08:30