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Taitung’s Unique Hakka Village Festival – 2021 Taitung Winter Rice Harvest Festival

For Hakka people in Taiwan, rice is more than just their main food source, it reflects their hard-working and thrifty lifestyle. The Hakka have never shied away from a little toil. The Hakka in Taiwan traditionally relied on rice for a stable source of food and income. Thus, the Hakka have a special connection with rice. They are famous for saying, “Each grain takes hard work.” On the journey for a single grain, farmers must sow their fields, then spread fertilizer and finally harvest their crops. Rice farmers also must endure the elements and the hardships that come from working outside. Therefore, the Hakka deeply cherish their food, and are especially grateful for bountiful harvests. During the rice harvest, the Hakka show appreciation during three traditional ceremonies, which humbly thank the heavens and the gods while praying for an abundant harvest in the upcoming year. “Taitung Winter Rice Harvest Festival” carries on the deep reverence for rice in traditional Hakka culture.

2021 Taitung Winter Rice Harvest Festival

“Taitung Winter Rice Harvest Festival” is a famous festival known all over Taiwan. It is held each year in concert with the unique Hakka Village Festival. The festival gives an opportunity for locals to get together and reconnect. It is also a perfect change for visitors to enjoy Chishang’s beautiful scenery, experience the Hakka’s unique farming culture and enjoy some world-class produce. This year, the Winter Harvest Festival’s theme is “Song and Dance to Bring Peace and Safety.” Dance groups from around Taitung are invited to reflect the Hakka’s rich and diverse culture through lively and joyful expression. Guests are welcome to experience harvest festivities and Hakka hospitality amongst the amber waves of rice.

【Grain Song】
Date: November 13th, 2021
Time: 09:00—13:00
Location: Fude Temple, Chishang Township
Event: Traditional Winter Harvest Festival. Reaping amber grains. Fun divination block tossing. Winter Harvest Hakka Feast. Creative Taitung Rice Market.

【Dance Grain】
Date: November 27th, 2021
Time: 11:00—18:00
Location: Tiehua Music Village, Taitung City
Event: Dance Grain Invitational, winter harvest Hakka Feast, outdoor concert, Taitung Rice Creative Market