2022 Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Taitung’s hot air balloons are coming! One of the twelve global balloon festivals, the 2022 Taiwan International Balloon Festival is right around the corner and will take place from July to August. Taking off into the air in a post-COVID era, the vibrant balloons are a vessel that carries the hope of the future; thus, this year’s balloon festival’s theme will be, “Hot Air Balloons Cheering for You.” We hope that the colorful balloons will encourage and improve the sprits of citizens all around Taiwan, leaving behind only positive and great long lasting memories.

The Taiwan International Balloon Festival is entering its 12th annual festival, and will be held for 45 days at Luye Highland beginning July 2 until August 15. There will also be 7 Night Glow Concerts. The ever-popular Hello Kitty Balloon will take flight again this year, along with Taipei Bravo Bear, racecar, tiger, shark, Kumamon, and over a dozen more balloons. Those who want to witness the spectacle of the vibrant balloons scattered across the sky must come to Taitung to watch and take a ride in one of these balloons!

Vendors will not be using styrofoam cutlery nor plastic bags to encourage eco-friendliness. Visitors should prepare their own reusable tableware for the chance to get more discounts. Even the shuttles are going green this year—using electric buses to protect the environment and air quality. On top of this, to provide the most traveler-friendly experience, the county government worked with local vendors to create “Luye Highland Friendly Vendors.” These vendors will offer restrooms, free battery charging, Wi-Fi services and handle traveling inquiries. Guests can also look up and add the official Taiwan International Balloon Festival LINE account to conveniently look up more event, travel, and parking information.

This summer, make sure to attend this magical balloon festival in Taitung! (Photo Credit:Taitung County Government)
(Please note, guests who wish to ride the balloons must provide proof of double COVID vaccination in the form of a physical vaccination card, My Health Bank app, or a digital COVID-19 certificate)

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