South link mountain line

Southern Cross-Island Highway starts at Haiduan Township and ends at Guanshan Township, connecting southern Taiwan’s eastern and western regions. Taking a road trip here can be a quite fascinating experience because by driving along the highway, travelers can see the magnificent mountain landscape and so many green plants from broadleaf forests to needle-leaf forests. The mountain is also rich in animal species. People who love being out in nature must visit here.

Wulu Tribal Village

At an altitude of 700 meters lies the heart of Wulu Tribal Village, which is 1845km off from the Southern Cross-Island Highway. “Buluk Buluk” in the local language means that there are water gushing out of well. At the entrance of the tribe, there is a statue of a local hunter carrying boar around his shoulder as the symbol of Buluk people’s spirits which never die.

In this small tribe, cottages are dotted between the streets and alleys while the whole village looks extremely lovely and peaceful. At the center of the village lies the “Wu-Lu Ancient Fort “where displays two cannon replicas. They used to be weapons of Japanese soldiers’ to suppress the Buluk rebels. They are now serving as memento to the buluk’s people contribution to the war of Taiwan-Japan war raised in the 1927 Plum blossoms can be seen all around the tribe during early spring.

Wulu Tribal Village
Address: Wulu, Haitung Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
( Turn to 187km point of Provincial Highway No20 and you will enter Wulu Village)
Tel: 089-931370