Slide yosh-169 pero-kalimero-9-bjr-glqo-i-uk-unsplash celebrating with the tribe Yudu Mayang Tribe Dance

Taitung is a land of warmth. Apart from its picturesque natural sceneries, the beautiful county also nurtures a rich variety of cultures and tribes in history, giving Taitung unique charms. In order to promote tribal traditions and pass along tribal spirits, this year’s 7th ‘Yudu Mayang Tribe Dance’ has attracted many tribal teams in Hualien and Taitung area to showcase their unique tribal musicals, chants and dances that represents their own tribal talents. The audience can not only experience music and dances of different tribes, but also absorb in the intense competition, unique tribal cultures and spirits, as well as taking part in the multi-tribal hand-holding dance. If you are longing for more, why not take part in the cultural experience activities, and learn to make soaps, beadings, areca sheathes, etc. from the aboriginal Taiwanese. The meaningful cultural activity can sure be an unforgettable experience for you this summer!