South Link Line

After departing from Taitung, you can keep heading south along Provincial Highway No.9 and join the South Link Highway, going through Taimali Township, Jinfeng Township, Dawu Township, and Daren Township. On the road trip, travelers can enjoy the charming view of Coastal Ridge on one side and broad Pacific Ocean on the other. The whole trip presents many cultural and natural attractions to tourists from all over the world.

The famous Zhihben Hot Spring was known for its prime spring water since Japanese Colonial Period The hot spring, coming down from Zhihben Stream, is clear sodium bicarbonate water, which is believed to be efficient beauty treatment It is one of the most popular spots among tourists and local people Visitors should not miss the hot spring and the peaceful natural landscapes in Zhihben

Zhihben Hot Spring
Address: Zhihben Hot Spring, Beinan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
( Turn to the East 58 County Road at 391km point of Provincial Highway No9, drive for 23km and you will arrive)