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An Ocean to Suit Every Mood for Everyone

你的每一種心情 都有一片適合的海


Taitung Seashore Park is a great place to relax to let go of all your worries.

Can you recognize Taitung’s ocean at first glance? Taitung has all types of oceans for your every mood. From where the crystal blue sky meets and melds with the turquoise sea’s surface, to the traditional atmosphere of a quaint fishing village, to areas where unique geologic formations provide the perfect spot to interact with the water. No matter what your mood, you will always find the perfect ocean for you.


Find a Tranquil Stretch of Coastline to Setup Your Tent

Fall in love with Taitung from its Southernmost Point!
Having arrived at Taitung’s southernmost Nantian shoreline campground under the bright sun, you are ready to explore Nantian Beach after pitching your tent. One might ask, what is Nantian stone? It is quartz containing stone that flowed along the stream beds until it met the ocean. Here, with the aid of the ebb and flow of eons of tides, these stones have been polished smooth, revealing mother nature’s hidden code in its unique pattern. Walk onto the Nantian beach in your bare feet and feel these stone massage away your fatigue. Allow the frothy waves to gently caress your feet at the water’s edge, experiencing intimate communion between you and the ocean. Enjoy the peace and ease that comes when the only sound is that of the ocean meeting the pebbled beach.


If you see people on this beach with bowed heads, they are not on their phones but searching for that one special Nantian stone preordained for them. 如果你看到許多人在海邊低著頭,他們不是在玩手機,而是在找尋命中注定的那顆南田石。




Enjoy the unobstructed 180 degree ocean view from the Nantian Observation Platform.
南田景觀台上可享受 180 度無阻礙的觀海視野。(照/ Morris 旅行團)


Admiring nature’s wonder of the sea from the sandy beach.

Make sure to pack a beach chair on your leisure drive. As the mountain range blocks the blinding sun and the temperature slowly drops, dusk at the beach is incredibly soothing. Recline on your beach chair at the shoreline and watch wave after wave roll the rocks against the shore attuned to mother nature’s rhythm. As the full moon rises over the watery horizon, the moonlight elegantly reveals its beauty on the ocean’s canvas. When the moon is on the wane, gaze up at the starry night from the comfort of your reclined seat and count the shooting stars, and slumber under the star-filled sky.

Come up with your own way to enjoy Taitun’s ocean, C’est la vie !


用各種你能想到的方式開始享受台東的海吧,C’est la vie!

Tropical Beach Life

Taitung City is the center of Taitung County, but even if you are in the city’s very heart and want to see the ocean, you are only a short stroll from Seashore Park. There the sea breeze rustling through the coconut fronds and warmly welcomes you to the perfect tropical backdrop. In the afternoon head to the beach with a few friends to play in the waves, or go alone to relax and empty your mind of worries. If the weather is clear, you can gaze upon Green Island in the distance. And when you are tired, wander over to the nearby temple and snack on a fried scallion pancake or a brown sugar shaved ice. If you are looking for a short excursion, going for a stroll in Seashore Park is a great choice. Remember to snap a few photos in front of one of the many landmark installation art for all your friends to envy.


One of the many works of installation art at Seashore Park, perfect for photo opportunities.



午後和三五好友到海邊踏浪玩水,或是獨自一人在沙灘放空,如果天氣好還可以遠眺綠島;累了,漫步到廟口吃蔥油餅、配上黑糖珍珠冰,愜意又暢快。 想要一趟簡單悠閒的微旅行,就來海濱公園走走吧! 記得在地景裝置留下身影,讓朋友羨慕一下。

At dusk, other than those frolicking in the waves, the surf casters will emerge, lining up their fishing poles, sipping their tea and quietly waiting for a fish to strike. Even when the fish are scarce, these fishermen, perhaps contemplating the cosmos, are common sites along the Taitung coastline.




As this fisherman faces the sea, is he thinking of the big fish he will catch for dinner, or is he contemplating the philosophical relationship between man and the sea?

Encountering the Mysterious Secret Paradise

Due to the Earth’s crust’s old millennial movements, Xiaoyeliu, just north of Taitung City, was raised out of the ocean. Eons of wear by the waves have left a unique geologic formation. There you will see banyan trees growing from exposed coral reefs as well as stray boulders precisely, but naturally, cut into blocks shaped like tofu, mushrooms, and even beehives. As you enter Xiaoyeliu, run your hands along the rock, feeling their roughness, and allow your imagination to run wild, considering the infinite geometric possibilities of the scattered boulders.




Low tide is the best time to experience the Duli “Sky Mirror”.
退潮時是尋訪天空之鏡的最佳時機。(照/ IG cw_liy)

Just north of Xiaoyeliu, you enter an entirely different coastal scenery. Standing in the calm shallow waters of Duli Beach, with the cloud dappled sky as your background, you will discover your own reflection superimposed upon the perfectly reproduced ref lection of that sky on the calm waters surrounding you. As you stand in the sea breeze, your vision is completely enveloped by the clouds and their reflection; you feel the true magnificence of standing between earth and sky. The “Sky-Mirror” of Duli Beach is best experienced an hour before or after low tide, when the sunlight is just right.

在小野柳北邊不遠處,走入另一片完全不同景象的海,將自己與天空一同投影、在吹動的海風和佔據整個視野的雲影裡,感受置 身天地的壯闊。都歷海灘的天空之鏡在退潮前後一小時最美,搭配 適合的陽光就能拍出自己的倒影鏡像,想來可得算準時機。

Where the Gods Live

The island you see when you walk onto the long multi-arched bridge is Sanxiantai, complete with a small lighthouse guiding nocturnal boats past its rocky shores.

For centuries this was the place the Amis raised sheep utilizing low tide to lead them to the island to graze and then relax in the knowledge that the high tide would fence them in. Though no sheep remain, the artist, Rahic Talif, with the help of those from the tribal village created sheep of all sizes from driftwood to stand on the shore and gaze upon Sanxiantai reminiscing of the days they roamed free on the island.


The small island at the far end beckons the visitor to visit and feel the breeze of the Pacific Ocean.


Shoreline public artworks on the Pisirian shore displaying the distinctive local features.


走上長長的拱橋,橋的盡頭就是三仙台的離岸島,在那裡,有一座小小的燈塔, 為夜間的船指路。

這裡從前是阿美族人養羊的地方,利用海水退潮水位較低時,把羊群帶到島上放牧,任其吃草,漲潮後,羊群被海水困住不能亂跑。如今族人已不再這裡牧羊, 卻有藝術家拉黑子帶著部落族人以漂流木製作的大小羊群,站在海邊凝望三仙台, 好似在回憶當初在島上奔馳的歲月。

Located at the northernmost part of Taitung, Changbin has the longest coastline protected by reefs. The reefs at the Shiyusan Recreational Area form a unique natural barrier that creates a small bay of calm, smooth water well suited to activities. It is nature’s swimming pool where the locals frequent.

The fine sand that clings to your feet and legs as you emerge from the refreshing ocean water can be easily brushed away, but the memories burnished in your mind will last a lifetime. Is it over? Perhaps there is still some regret in your heart as you yearn for greater interaction with the ocean. If you are torn about whether to stay or go, change your plans and board a boat for Taitung’s outlying islands, plunging into the ocean and embracing the ocean of your mood.


The reef forms a natural barrier, creating a small bay with rich ecology well suited for water activities.

台東最北方的長濱擁有台東最長的海岸線,沿岸散佈著礁岩,在石雨傘生態教室,原本有個小小的漁港,如今幾乎沒有船隻出入,平日裡顯得相當幽靜;漁港外 的礁岩形成一道獨特的天然屏障,使礁岩內的水域平靜和緩,是當地人的天然泳池; 清澈的海水、沙灘上可愛的寄居蟹,都在呼喚著旅人,帶著孩子們一起來認識這裡 多采多姿的海洋生態吧。

沁過冰涼的海水,踩上沙灘,細沙黏在腳上、腿上,沙輕輕拍掉了,回憶卻深 刻地烙印下來。結束了嗎?也許心中還有一點遺憾,想與海更靠近一些,有些什麼在 靈魂深處騷動著,換個方式吧!搭船到台東的離島,直接跳入水中讓大海擁抱!