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Artistry in the Air



A Calm autumn sunshine graces the fertile land filled with rice patties and as the dance performers ’fluid movements welcome the time of harvest. Audiences marvel at the stunning union of earth, sky, and people.
結合秋收金黃稻田與舞蹈,讓觀者無不驚嘆天、地、人的結合,如 此震攝心魂。(照/台灣好基金會)

Entering the Eastern Rift Valley, a boundless ocean of rice fields fills your gaze, and the basin resounds with the sound of nature. In town, people are hitting the steps of the ceremonial dance, welcoming the time of harvest. Others are leisurely perusing the local market, sipping tea and enjoying the local delicacies. The pace of the harvest celebration is cheerful, unhurried, and decidedly romantic.

縱谷間,一望無際的稻海如詩如畫,大地的歌聲在 此迴盪,踩踏著歡慶豐收的舞步,品茶、賞米、逛市集, 慶典的節奏悠閒又浪漫。

The Artistry of Rice Fluttering in the Wind

In the scorching summer sunshine, a fresh breeze blows down from t he mountains, gently sending the spikelets and the blades of rice leaf swaying back and forth like ocean waves.This magical scenery is the Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest Festival site that brings together song, dance, visual art, poetry, and literature, perfectly showcasing Taitung’s unique charm. Works of installation art sculptures are generously scattered and perfectly blending in amongst the quiet rural landscape. Although throughout the year, the constant work of farming, raising children, preparing food, and putting on festivities leaves the people of the Rift-Valley with hardly a moment to rest, they go about it in a calm and unhurried manner which exudes a serenity on par with that of their surroundings. Any traveler passing through the County Highway 197 will surely appreciate the beauty of the lifestyle here, where artwork and the ever-present fragrance of the field combine to form a delightful backdrop for daily life.


炎炎夏季,縱谷的山邊不時吹來陣陣清新微風,翻湧陣陣金黃稻浪。池上秋 收稻穗藝術節,集歌謠、舞蹈、藝術、文學於一體,在靜謐鄉村裡,以天地為舞 台,在縱谷裡輪番上演著,展現台東的無窮魅力。在田野間,還能看見隱藏在風景 裡,飽含深意的藝術作品。農、食、育、遊,大地的慶典隨著四時節氣流轉,沒有 一刻可以閒下來,卻又是不慌不忙、悠哉自在的帶著旅人領略縱谷的美好,在縣道197,與藝術共同呼吸田野的芳香。

Bask in the Moonlight and Listen to the Sounds of Taitung

On a balmy Taitung afternoon, tourists have gathered from all over in expectation. Shuttle buses stream busily down the highway, heading towa rds the Duli Visitor Center. Sitting r ight on the coast, this is the setting for the annual Moonlight Sea Concerts. Here, guests can wander freely through a market offering local handicraft and cuisine characteristic of the different parts of the east coast, all to the tune of live music. In the evening, one can find a seat on the grassy lawn and look forward to the spectacular night falls, leading into a full evening’s festivities. The Moonlight Sea Concert event is a must for journey ma kers who would like to experience some of the best music and artwork that the East Coast has to offer in the cool breeze of a summer evening.

Music-lovers passing through Taitung in the summertime will find that the Moonlight Sea Concerts are definitely worth staying for.


午後,來自四面八方的遊客早已聚集在台東等待著,接駁車繁忙地在 公路上奔走,人們陸續沿著公路抵達海岸邊的都歷遊客中心。這裡的市集, 有東岸各地特色的手作小物、創意美食,旅人們可以在悠閒的樂音裡,隨 意遊逛,待到傍晚再到草地上找個位子坐下來,期待夜幕降臨。月光海音 樂節,邀請旅人們一同在夏夜微涼晚風中,賞著盈盈滿月自海平面升空, 聆聽東海岸音樂創作者們的故事。

若你是喜愛音樂的旅人來到台東,除了台東市區的鐵花村以外,花點 時間到東海岸,月光、海與音樂的結合,值得你為它停駐。


The Moonlight Sea Concerts attract many visitors every year.
月光 · 海音樂會每年吸引許多遊客參與。


“Wings”, by Ami artist Siki Sufin

Hear the Voices of the Earth Calling

Indigenous sensibilities are a strong force of elements in Taitung’s contemporary art scene. Indigenous cultures have a long lineage of living in symbiosis with nature, taking their materials straight from the earth and using them to honor the land that nurtures them. Traditional clothing is crafted out of tree barks and leaves, while ancestral spirits are channeled into skilful wood or stone carvings. From out of their meticulous design, the stories of their people come alive.

Nowadays, there are a great number of people of indigenous ancestry who have moved away from their tribal communities to pursue their studies and find job opportunities. Amongst the hubbub of Taiwan’s cities, these people have no choice but to carve a path of their own. Being raised with the indigenous spirit, it is not uncommon for them to experience a profound inner conflict when taking part in modern metropolitan life’s  mundanities. Under the pressure of questioning and self-doubt, they are required to take a creative and adaptable approach to life. The clash of cultural identity with life experiences thus serves as a catalyst for their growth and self-expression, resulting in a unique and influential contribution to the contemporary arts.


在台東的當代藝術中,原住民元素是一股不容被忽視的能量。與天 地自然共生的原住民族群,取之於大地用之於大地,以草木麻葉製作傳 統服飾,用木頭或石柱刻劃祖靈的樣貌。許多故事,就這麼被一刀一斧 地深深鑿刻在那細密的紋理中,從堅硬的木與石跳脫出來。

許多族人因為求學、工作必須到外縣市居住,在都會的生活中往往 因為文化差異而產生許多的碰撞,甚至質疑、迷失自己,而後在拉扯間 慢慢地建立出自我的認同,他們既傳承著自身文化,也揉和了生命經驗, 交織糾纏的社會脈絡成為他們成長茁壯的養分,最後在這片土地上澆灌 出無可取代、獨一無二的藝術花園。

Within Every Spark is the Seed of a Flame

Whether local or coming in from abroad, the artists who call Taitung home are continually inspired by the magnificent sights and sounds of its natural scenery, as well as the people of  their villages and towns. There are great numbers of small studios putting on exhibitions and workshops or doubling as eateries, thereby contributing to the seamless integration of the arts with daily life. These artists work diligently to channel their diverse experiences, each in their own style, into the creations that now fill Taitung’s land.


無論在地或外來,本國人或外國人,台東處處隱藏著藝術家,他們受到壯麗美 景和風土民情感召。各類小型工作室林立,展出作品、手做教學,或結合餐飲,展 現藝術與生活融合的態度。這些藝術家們以各自的方式,轉化所見所得的感動,默 默在這片土地上耕耘、揮灑。


All along the east coast, travelers and locals alike can take part in DIY workshops which will deepen their artistic knowledge and skill.


“Rebirth” – public art installation on the South Link Highway.


Artwork on Zhangyuan Bridge, in northern Changbin, named “Time’s Murmur”

From the coastline to the mountain ranges, the seeds of art are continually sown, ensuring that artwork is always within reach. Each piece dwells in its natural surroundings, waiting for the moment when the soul of a traveler meets with its own. As you journey through Taitung, stop and take in the story of any piece that catches your eye to make that magical connection.

Take the time to explore your surroundings. In works of artistic creation, the spirit of the land itself is objectified, loaded with its people’s history, memory and passion. Whether it’s a flash of inspiration, a surge of emotion, or a simple appreciation of beauty and expression. These are the moments waiting to be discovered by those who jour ney here and may make for some of the best memories from your time in Taitung.

從台東海岸線到縱谷線,藝術的種籽不停撒下,一個又一個的藝術作品在觸目可及之處,停下來,聽聽作品的故事,喜歡或不喜歡都可以,它就在那裡等待著旅 人,等待著心靈交會的那一刻。

在這樣的景色裡走一走吧?在這樣的景色裡,生活鎔鑄、裝載了土地的記憶、自然的質樸、原初的熱情,不時閃現的光芒,彷彿從靈魂深處傳遞而來的震盪,將是 你的旅程裡,最美好的回憶之一。