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Dancing with the Ocean



Green Island Wuyouku 綠島烏油窟

Come to Taitung and fulfill your ocean dreams with activities both above and below the water.


Summertime – Throw Yourself into the Ocean’s Embrace

Green Island and Orchid Island are Taitung’s two top diving destinations. The water is crystal clear and clean, with visibilities between thirty and fifty meters. Sunlight intermittently filtering to the ocean floor, with the Kuroshio Current bringing all types of marine life, organisms swimming to and fro. The vast coral reefs enhance the underwater pageantry and make this a must-see destination for all divers enthusiasts. Even if you do not have a lot of experience in the water, or if you would like to try snorkeling for the first time, you can choose to take a lesson with a snorkeling instructor to explore this underwater wonderworld.


綠島和蘭嶼是台東兩大潛水勝地,都具有清澈乾淨的水域,水中能見度可達30-50 米,陽光在水下若隱若現,黑潮帶來豐富生態,各種海中生物悠遊,而龐大 的珊瑚礁群,使這裡的水下世界更加瑰麗。即使不諳水性或初次嘗試浮潛,也可以 選擇有教練帶領的潛水課程,一探水下世界。

What a shame it would be to come here and not take a plunge into the sea ocean to get close to the sea creatures, observe a world different from the land, and see, firsthand, the beauty of the underwater world. Green Island’s Chaikou is world- famous for its stony coral (scleractinian coral). The currents around Dabaisha are ever-changing and enjoyed best by the experienced. Make sure to check out the Green Island Underwater Postbox, deposit a waterproof postcard in the slot, and the underwater “mailman” will collect it when weather conditions are fair. Once the retrieved waterproof postcards are dried and clean, they will be mailed to any corner of the globe.

來到這裡,如不下水親近各種海洋生物,看看不同於陸地的世界,似乎是浪費了如此美麗天成的自然景觀,綠島柴口以壯麗的石珊瑚景觀著稱,大白沙海流變化 大,適合老手暢遊。去看看在海底等待人們造訪的豆丁海馬郵筒吧!投入防水明信 片,信差會在海況良好時將明信片收上岸、清洗、曬乾,把你的思念寄到世界的各 個角落。


Sunlight refracted into its dreamlike blue spectrum.


Swimming with the fish at Orchid Island 在蘭嶼和魚一起逛街。(照/王文彥)

Weaving your way around the large reefs of Shigongmen, Jade Woman Rock (Jimavonot) and Lover’s Cave surrounding Orchid Island you feel like you are traveling through time and space. Are you ready?  Put on the equipment, follow your guide’s instructions and plunge into Taitung’s underwater world. See the colorful tropical fish playing around the coral reefs, octopus buried in the sand and lobster hiding in the crevices of rocks.  If you are lucky you might even encounter a manta ray, sea turtle or even swim with the famous Giant Trevally named “A Niu”.

蘭嶼海域巨型礁岩多,石拱門、玉女岩、情人洞……,穿梭在其中,彷彿進入了另一個時空。準備好了嗎?穿戴好裝備,聽從教練的指示,進入台東的水下世界吧! 色彩繽紛的熱帶魚在珊瑚礁群裡嬉戲,章魚隱身在沙裡、龍蝦藏在岩石縫隙間,若 是運氣好,還能遇見 Manta 鬼蝠魟、海龜、阿牛(牛港鰺),和牠們一同在海中遨遊。


Competing with the Vast Ocean

Cut a line in the sea, atop the cresting waves. Bring your freedom-seeking heart and your surfboard to paddle toward the ocean horizon. Conquer the sea and give the Pacific Ocean a big celebratory hug.

Jinzun, north of Taitung City, is the site of international surfing competitions and a gathering point for those who love to surf. Whenever the surf conditions are right, the sea erupts with activity as everyone shows up to try to catch a wave from the perfect set.  In November, when the northeasterly winds pick up, experienced surfers reunite in Taitung, ready to compete on the water. They paddle their surfboards toward the turbulent waves and, if the timing is right, the audience will be left in awe.


劃破海的線條,乘著浪花起舞,帶著你嚮往自由的心隨著衝浪板一起划向海洋, 征服浪管,給太平洋一個大大的擁抱。

位在台東市北邊東河的金樽是國際衝浪競賽場地,這裡聚集了許多熱愛衝浪的 人,平常他們隱身在工作裡,一旦有適合衝浪的日子,海面上會突然熱鬧起來。到 了 11 月東北季風增強時,來自各國的好手齊聚金樽準備在大海上競技。他們划著浪 板迎向洶湧的浪,看準時機起身站上浪頭,用身體感受浪潮,像飛魚一樣在海上翻 騰,一次又一次讓觀賽民眾熱血沸騰。

One paddle board and one paddle and you can stroke toward any destination in the distance.

Standup paddleboarding and kayaking are two other watersports quickly gaining popularity in Taitung. By adding a paddle in hand, anyone can easily pick up and propel oneself to the destination of your choice. Whether it’s kayaking to head east to have a front-row seat for the sunrise at Sanxiantai, an intimate evening SUP date night with someone special or departing from the Donghe river mouth; there are many different ways to experience the ocean besides surfing and swimming. If you feel like the vast open water of the sea is a bit too intimidating for you, you can also easily pick up a new athletic skill at the comfort of Taitung City’s Flowing Lake by learning how to sail on the man-made body of water. Adventurous sports lovers can practice windsurfing by catching the wind and the waves on the lake before venturing off onto the sea.

Taitung is a place inextricably connected with the ocean. No matter where or when you are here you can relax and feel, sea, sky and yourself merge into one. Regardless if you prefer the slow lane or going full speed ahead, there is always a way in Taitung to commune with the ocean.

Removing your wetsuit, you can still feel the wet salty stickiness of the ocean water. Has Taitung already found its way into your heart?

一塊充氣衝浪板、一枝槳,你可以划向任何有水的遠方,航向東方,以立槳衝浪的方式在大海的第一排坐看日出;可以是一個人,也或許帶上親愛的家人、毛小 孩,搭上竹筏在美麗的馬武窟溪體驗古老的移動方式,換個角度看台東;初學者更 可以在台東市活水湖放心學習水中運動新技能。熱愛冒險運動的人,帶上你的風浪 板,帥氣地在太平洋上御風而行吧!

台東是個與海分不開的地方,無論何時何地,都能夠徜徉在其中,享受與海天 融為一體的自在舒暢,不管是靜態的、動態的,總能找到你和海相處的方式。



Sailing is a water sport gaining its popularity in Taitung. 來台東當個航海王。(照/陳泓銘)