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Live to Live – Taitung Style



Looking out at boundless greenery is a daily occurrence in the lives of the people of Taitung.

After a good day’s work, go to the mountains or the seaside to watch the stars that fill the night sky, leaving only when you please.

On holidays, find a patch of grass to have a picnic on, ride bicycles, and let the beautiful scenery emerge at every turn.

Observing nature is a necessity of life in Taitung.

白日認眞工作,夜晚去海邊或山邊看星星,說走就走; 假日,找片草地野餐,騎上自行車,哪裡都是風景; 山、海,就是台東式生活的必需品。

A rich tapestry of ethnic groups makes up the cultural backdrop of Taitung. The indigenous people first arrived here some tens of thousands of years ago. Then, the Han and European people settled, each bringing their own cultural quirks with them. During their brief occupation, the Japanese had great influences on the city planning and architecture. The latest immigrants of the last century from all around the globe brought the exotic flavors and customs of their hometowns. They blended them into the eclectic melting pot; that is what we call Taitung today – painting new sights, sounds, and sensations onto this already dynamic colorful canvas.

這裡有著多元豐富的族群色彩,原住民族的祖先來到這裡生活、居住了數千年、數萬年,然後漢人、歐洲人來到這裡,帶來不同的文化衝擊,日本人則在這裡築起 不同風格的房子,在街道上畫出棋盤,而後新住民遠渡重洋、落地生根,帶來家鄉 味,異國風情融入台東,揮灑出不一樣的嶄新色彩。

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The elegant Japanese-style buildings in Taitung have such a pleasing charm to them.


Several artworks on display at the Jialulan Recreation Area blend in with the sea and the sky beautifully.

The encounter between the indigenous people, local artists, and cult u res worldwide produced a spark for an endlessly vital artistic energy. From North to South, works of art are scattered between the mountains and the sea, embellishing the lush natural landscape of Taitung. An artistic spirit nourishes the land and nurtures the ever-developing life of the local people.

The balmy night air is profuse with a sense of freedom, as casually sung ballads permeate the soul. Let the thoughts drift freely with the music, as the resplendent moonlight colors your emotions. People of all ages come together as one in shared memories induced through song.

來自世界各地的文化在這裡和原住民、島內藝術家移民碰撞出炫爛火光,產生了蓬勃的藝文能量,從北到南,創作者的作品散布在山海之間,點綴了台東地景, 藝術的靈魂滋養大地,孕育在地創作的新生命。

夜晚空氣中飄蕩著自由的氛圍,隨性吟唱的歌謠沁入靈魂,思緒隨著音樂恣意 飄盪,月光渲染了情緒,長者與少年在音樂前不分你我,一起傳唱共享的記憶。

Get yourself in a good mood and pick a moment to rush for the waves. On a lively night at the Fantasy Tiehua, drink, be merry, and join the performers on stage for a song. During the summer, festivals, concerts, miniature hot air balloon lantern displays, and art exhibitions each take a turn to make an impression on the travelers who drift between the coast and the East Rift Valley. Endless opportunities for diving, surfing, and canoeing make ocean-lovers reluctant to leave. In the early hours of New Year’s Day, join everyone on the beach and wait for the first rays of dawn of the year. Those with a lively spirit can also find their place in Taitung.

Grab a surfboard and ride the waves in the tranquil downlight where the rugged ocean gale meets the cool mountain breeze. After work, if there is still enough light out, go for a bicycle ride around Pipa Lake and let your hair blow in the wind. After a scrumptious dinner at a local spot, be sure to gaze up at the starry night sky while listening to the stories of the elders at the Seashore Park. When the day finally comes to an end, you find yourself smiling from ear to ear, feeling restful and content. Weekends are the busiest times for Taitung as everywhere is filled with out of town tourists. Perfect time for you to pay a visit to the art museum or sign up for a seminar with a topic of your interest. Weekends in Taitung are the best time to catch up on the things in life that feed your heart and soul.

As long as you live in Taitung, you can spend every day like this. Rather than merely yearning for it, come and join the people of Taitung in the leisurely lifestyle that they have long fostered.

醞釀好情緒,隨時衝一波,夜晚的鐵花村,舉杯放肆狂歡,和台上表演者一同高歌;節慶、音樂、熱氣球、藝術季,在暑假的海岸和縱谷之間輪番上陣;浮潛、衝浪、 獨木舟,讓熱愛海洋的人不捨離開。元旦的清晨來到海岸邊,和眾人一起等待黎明 第一道曙光,喜歡熱鬧的人也能在台東找到自己的天地。

清晨天才亮,抓起衝浪板乘著山風翱翔海上,下班後,天若還亮著,先騎個自行車吹吹風,用完餐隨興來到海邊坐看星辰起落,說說從長輩流傳下來的故事,待 到夜深才滿足地回家。週末,遊客正多,到美術館餵養心靈,聽聽講座啟發靈感。

只要住在台東,每天都可以這樣生活,與其嚮往,不如加入台東人的行列,開 始實現慢城生活。


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