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This Is Taitung Living


Crossing a junction in Taitung, how different does it feel from your hometown?


There is a sense of peace and comfort here that can hardly be matched elsewhere. Time seems to have no meaning. Take off your watch, turn off your alarm and cellphone, and let the streaming rays of sunrise wake you up on its own accord. Perhaps the only thing that needs to be done according to the hours of the clock is to enjoy those precious delicacies made by the locals in limited quantities. By all means, rush to the stores before they are sold out because these delicious steaming foods in your hands are definitely worth the effort and waiting.

In Taitung, you won’t have to go far to find repose. Wandering around, you will naturally settle into an easy pace and a sense of presence in which you can let your thoughts go and listen deeply to what your inner self has to say. Watch a small waterfall stream from its peak down to its pool on the trails of Zhiben National Forest Recreation Area and let your thoughts flow along with it. Settle into the cafe nestled in the Japanese-style dormitory in Minquan Village and take your time to read a book quietly undisturbed. When your mind needs a rest, go to Beinan Cultural Park and lay on the grassy lawn, and gaze up at the fluffy floating clouds above. If you have any excess energy, jump into the Flowing Lake waters and swim freely with the fish to let go of all worries.

那是一種無以名狀的悠閒愜意,時間在這裡沒有意義,你可以脫下手錶,關掉手機的鬧鐘,等待魚肚白的天光將自己喚醒,唯一需要照表操課的,或許只有那些 期間限定的珍饈美饌,趕在售罄之前到店品嘗,手裡熱氣騰騰的美食,一定值得你 等待。

在台東,放空無須想太多,輕易即可找到一處與自己、與自然對話、和放空的 天地,在知本林道的小瀑布任由水瀑落頂;走進民權里日式宿舍群不受干擾,專心 讀本書;心思紊亂時,到卑南文化公園,躺在青青草地上,仰望天空及浮雲;需要 發洩時就跳進活水湖或海濱公園的水中,與魚兒自在悠游。


The waves kiss the beach, and the gentle frequency takes away people’s worries.


Hand in hand, singing and dancing, you and I both belong to Taitung.

The night sky is alight with an ocean of stars. There are no sleepless high- rises and gaudy flashing lights to blind you from their splendour here. Discover, perhaps for the first time, how close one person can be to the rest of the universe. In the vast sky, there is a mystery that human beings have been trying to decipher for aeons. Does a peculiarly bright constellation hide a gateway to your greatest hopes?

The sky is remarkably clear and a splendid shade of blue. The grass sways languidly in the light breeze. A hot air balloon rises in the summer sun, as if filling with the joys, hopes and expectations of its spectators. Its design is quirky, colourful and playful, perhaps in the shape of an animal or of a well-known cartoon character. Has it now drawn your gaze as well?

The art of traveling is to put aside one’s daily worries and rediscover one’s passion for life in a foreign land. Taitung’s scenic roads will guide you to all the distant places you may want to go. For now, look up at the vast blue sky, let your skin be tickled by the green grass, and feast your eyes on the natural colors of heaven on earth.

Can you hear the faint echo of singing in the valley? There is endless vitality in this lush mountain terrain. The ancient call which floats on the breeze is the secret wisdom of the tribal ancestors. Taking a sip of home-brewed millet wine, cooking up a batch of fragrant millet dumplings (A Bai) , and roasting wild boar meat on a slate barbecue, the indigenous elder greets you enthusiastically, as if you have been friends for many years. The hot southerly wind naturally rouses everyone’s sensibilities. Form one circle and dance in praise of the gods and deities, you are no longer a stranger here from this moment on.

旅行,是拋開原本的生活,在他鄉找回對生活的熱情,所有想去的遠方,都有 一條綠色的道路指引,帶你來到台東;抬頭看,天空原來如此遼闊,讓皮膚感受青 青草地的刺癢,讓眼睛看見藍天綠地的本色。

或許你曾聽見,山谷間隱約迴盪的歌聲?蓊鬱山林裡有著生生不息的活力,隱藏 在微風裡的遠古呼喚,是先人的智慧與秘密;喝下一口小米酒,吃著散發奇香的小 米粽、石板烤肉,原住民老闆熱情地招呼,彷彿你們已是熟識多年的朋友,南方炙 熱的風,吹起所有人的感性,圍成一圈,踩踏著禮讚神祇的舞蹈,從那一刻起,你 已不再是異鄉人。

台東的夜空,璀璨閃耀,沒有徹夜不眠的高樓燈火使星光黯然失色,第一次發 現,宇宙和人可以如此靠近。在那浩瀚無垠的天空裡,有著人類千方百計想破解的 神秘,而那顆最亮的星星,是否藏著你的希望?

晴空一碧如洗,草原上,廣闊無邊的綠在隨風搖曳,熱氣球也在夏日的陽光裡緩緩上升,像是承載了喜悅、希望和夢想,多彩豔麗、可愛俏皮的外形,是否已深 深吸引你的目光?讓我們一起把那片天空下的景色都放到眼裡。


The broad roads lead to all the places you yearn to explore.

Walk into a restaurant and uncover the stor ies hidden within its mouth-watering cuisine. Visit a local tribe and absorb the ancient wisdom which has been passed down from generation to generation. Eat and drink with friends in the city, then go to a music festival and sway with the crowd. Wander through the vast fields, see the purest skies, and the most resplendent sunshine while riding a bicycle down a countryside industrial farm road. Finally, find a hidden, hot spring creek deep in the mountainous forest, soak in the wild hot spring waters and enjoy the unmatched serenity of the wilderness.

The Taitung of your dreams is waiting to merge with your reality. Use each and every one of your five senses to reveal the truth and depth of life here.

When you finally arrive, what will your Taitung look like?


Take off in a free-fly hot air balloon and enjoy a panoramic view of the Eastern Rift Valley.

走進一家餐廳,尋找美味料理內隱藏的故事; 走訪一個部落,學習世代流傳的古老智慧;在市區 裡和三五好友聚餐喝酒,再走入音樂節和人群一同 搖擺;去到廣袤的田野,在筆直的產業大道上騎著 單車,看見天堂的模樣;被海邊升起的太陽曬得睜 不開眼睛,再到隱密的山林野溪泡溫泉,享受大自 然的靜謐安逸。

想像的台東和生活的台東,無時無刻都在等著你, 用自己的眼、耳、鼻、手、口,去觸碰、去感受那真實 和深刻。