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No. 99 of 60-year-old house in Chishang comes into the sight of Ta-Pai like Mr. Right. The concept of “Wandering” is the gene of this space. It forms the varying appearance composed by fate made people encountered. It is a place for wandering and traveling during the holidays in Chishang; a place for wandering in the town to seek coffee beans; a space for wandering that attracts freelancers. In Chishang, the close relationship of people and food becomes the practical towards life, which is shared in the mulberry milk, implemented in handmade jelly panna cotta made by I-Chen and hand brew coffee and even recorded in “Wandering in Chishang”, which exists due to the desire of Ta-Pai. “Wandering” is a starting point. After enjoying the coffee and snacks, follow your steps on the map of Chishang, explore local life and make the initial step to step out a rustic good life. (IGPhoton by @pm_am_rely)