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Starry Taitung Night

When was the last time you went stargazing? The most popular tourism event of the year, “Starry Taitung Night” is back! This year’s event lineup is even bigger, beginning in June and lasting all the way to October. You definitely don’t want to miss this event when traveling to Taitung over summer vacation. Mark your calendars and add this stargazing activity to your Taitung trip itinerary right now!


Taitung is distanced from the metropolitan area, it boasts fresh air, very little light pollution, and a broad and open natural view. This is the most suitable county for stargazing in all of Taiwan. As long as the weather is clear and free of rain clouds, any place in Taitung is a great place for stargazing. Lift your head to the sky and enjoy the vast and endless Milky Way. The Taitung County Government started the “Starry Taitung Night” event since 2018. This unique nighttime tourism brings some unique activities in Taitung, such as contests for the best Starry Taitung Night and Starry Taitung Night Concerts. Taitung County Government is committed to making Taitung a stargazing paradise and brings travelers the most exquisite stargazing experience.

“Starry Taitung Night” has ranked in the top 10 on the must-attend activities in Taitung. “Starry Taitung Night“ will include seven international music performances this year. You’ll be able to lay freely under the starry sky while enjoying an audio and visual feast. On top of this, the event organizer will increase the number of “Starry Taitung Night Guided Tour” and “Starry Night Guide Training Course” to an astounding 64 sessions. Astronomical scholars and experts will provide in-depth explanations to lead you on this mystical journey into Taitung’s resplendent starry sky. (Photo:Starry Taitung Night FB

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