South link mountain line

Southern Cross-Island Highway starts at Haiduan Township and ends at Guanshan Township, connecting southern Taiwan’s eastern and western regions. Taking a road trip here can be a quite fascinating experience because by driving along the highway, travelers can see the magnificent mountain landscape and so many green plants from broadleaf forests to needle-leaf forests. The mountain is also rich in animal species. People who love being out in nature must visit here.

Chief Spa Hotel

Chief Spa Hotel is a well-known hot spring hotel in Haiduan Township The hot spring water is never heated artificially but sourcing directly from the spring fountain which is formed naturally The PH level of the water is between 72-91 which makes the spring a perfect treatment for skin problems Besides the wonderful hot spring bathing, the spectacular mountain view and hotel’s tranquil atmosphere also help visitors fully relax from inside out Travelers can also visit the Tian-Long Suspension Bridge, 110-meter long and 721-meter high, to experience the amazing beauty of nature.

Chief Spa Hotel
Address: No 1-1, Wulu, Haiduan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
Tel: 89-935075