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Live to Live – Taitung Style

After a good day’s work, go to the mountains or the seaside to watch the stars
that fill the night sky, leaving only when you please.

On holidays, find a patch of grass to have a picnic on, ride bicycles, and let the beautiful scenery emerge at every turn.

Observing nature is a necessity of life in Taitung.

白日認眞工作,夜晚去海邊或山邊看星星,說走就走; 假日,找片草地野餐,騎上自行車,哪裡都是風景; 山、海,就是台東式生活的必需品。

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Looking out at boundless greenery is a daily occurrence in the lives of the people of Taitung.

Longing for the Scents of the Mountains

Taiwan has an abundance of mountainous trails that will satisfy the whims of casual hikers and seasoned mountaineers alike.

At lower altitudes, the forest floor is scattered with tropical plants and flowers. Higher up, huge cypress trees impose themselves on the horizon.

Each atmosphere lends a unique fragrance to its respective world.

When the first settlers came to Taiwan, they would also have been fascinated by this scenery.

What kind of hopes and dreams did they carry with them as they migrated across the island to Taitung?

台灣有平易新人的山巒丘陵,也有崇山峻嶺, 有低海拔的熱帶花草,也有高海拔山區的巨大檜木, 在各自的天地裡散放著植物獨有的香氛, 祖先們來到台灣時,或許也對這樣的景緻著迷。 當他們在島內四處遷移時,又是懷著怎樣的夢來到台東呢?

Discover Paradise on Earth Over the Other Side of the Mountains & Ridges

In a time when there were no cars or trains to speak of, ambitious travelers relied on their own two feet to car ry them over rugged mountain tracks and treacherous river crossings toward the distant lands they dreamt of.


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With luggage on our backs, treading on ancient paths, visualising the lives that came before us.


Lush vegetation lends its ambrosial fragrance to Taitung’s air.

Scents of The Mountain

Smell and memory are intimately connected. Can you remember the smell of the air in your hometown? How does it differ from that of Taitung?

氣味是記憶的一部份,你還記得自己家鄉空 氣裡的味道嗎?和台東又有什麼不一樣呢?

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Clinging to the Scent of Sea

Diving, sailing, surfing, how would you want to converge with the sea today? The ocean air in Taitung is humid and sticky, filled with scents of the sea. Perhaps this is why it clings to the hearts of the people.

Take a moment, and turn to the sea, feel how its breath keeps you clinging where you are.

衝浪的海、漫步的海、潛水的海,今天,你想怎麼和海做伴? 台東的空氣裡帶著海水的氣息,微濕微黏, 黏住了許多人的心,為海駐足,一起感受被黏住的感覺吧!

An Ocean to Suit Every Mood for Everyone

Can you recognize Taitung’s ocean at first glance? Taitung has all types of oceans for your every mood. From where the crystal blue sky meets and melds with the turquoise sea’s surface, to the traditional atmosphere of a quaint fishing village, to areas where unique geologic formations provide the perfect spot to interact with the water.

你能一眼認出台東的海嗎?台東有各式各 樣的海,湛藍的天空與海面相接,別緻的漁村 氣息、地貌奇景及親水景點。

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Low tide is the best time to experience the Duli“Sky Mirror”.
退潮時是尋訪天空之鏡的最佳時機。(照/ IG cw_liy)


The stone reef beach alongside the Orchid Island Airport is a popular diving spot.
蘭嶼機場外海礁岩是熱門潛點。 (照/王文彥)

Dancing with the Ocean

Come to Taitung and fulfill your ocean dreams with activities both above and below the water.


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Slow & Unrestrained – These Are the People of Taitung

The people of Taitung move at their own pace. You will hardly see them rushing down the street on foot or speeding down the road while driving in any hurry.

To turn a blind eye to the wider world would be wasteful.

To hear the sound of singing in the distance or smell the cooking without

making a casual detour towards it would be a shame.

Here, Slowness is a leisurely disposition and an unrestrained free, and easy attitude towards life

台東人有自己走路、開車的速度,在這裡很難發現步履匆匆的路人,也很少 趕時間急馳而過的車子。

遼闊的天地,視而不見太浪費;遠方的歌聲與炊煙,過門不入太可惜。 在這裡,慢,是一種心情,漫,是一種自由自在的生活態度。


Bunun tribal members singing traditional songs in unison. Taitung.

Songs of the South

What is the ‘South’? Is it the geographic South, or is it the South described in poetry? What defines the South? Is it the sun-scorched earth? The sultry summer air? The gracious glimpse of warmth before the winter harvest? Or is it the songs passed down through the generations, ringing out throughout the day as people sing homage to southern living?

「南方」究竟在哪裡?是地理上的南方,還是文字影像裡的南 方?被陽光烤熱的地面、夏季潮濕悶熱的空氣、冬季溫暖而短暫 並常伴隨作物豐收的慶典,還有祭儀裡、生活中傳唱的歌謠。

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Abundance of the Sea

Taitung’s symbiotic relationship with the sea is demonstrated by the many large and small fishing harbors that dot its extensive long coastline.

台東有著長長的海岸線,沿海更有許多大大小小的漁港,這樣的地方與海的關 係一定很密切。

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Traditional Yami (Tao) tatalas docked on the rocky beach of Orchid Island. The handcarved fishing boats are considered sacred, so it’s important to be respectful and not touch the tatalas when visiting the island.


Even in small noodle stalls, scrumptious food is made with the attentive spirit of craftsmanship.

Slow Food is Served

Slow lifestyle, slow food, slow cities… No one in Taitung needs convincing to adopt the principle of the “slowness” originating in Italy as people here have always lived this way.


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Artistry Amidst the Mountains and the Sea

Besides being surrounded by nature with mountains and ocean, life here in Taitung is suffused with artistry.

The imposing mountain range demands a respect which inspires poetry,The resplendent blue of the boundless sea is worthy of being painted again

and again,And in the interplay of sun and moon, a philosophy of time emerges.

Together between heaven and earth, let our artistic souls be given life!

除了大山大海,生活在台東,你還可以擁有藝術。 仰之彌高的大山,對天地的敬意沉澱出詩意, 一望無際的大海,各種層次深淺的藍讓創意爆發, 還有從日出到月昇,光影變化成時間的哲學; 一起讓藝術魂在天地之間萌芽吧!

Artistry in the Air

Entering the Eastern Rift Valley, a boundless ocean of rice fields fills your gaze, and the basin resounds with the sound of nature. In town, people are hitting the steps of the ceremonial dance, welcoming the time of harvest. Others are leisurely perusing the local market, sipping tea and enjoying the local delicacies. The pace of the harvest celebration is cheerful, unhurried, and decidedly romantic.

縱谷間,一望無際的稻海如詩如畫,大地的歌聲在 此迴盪,踩踏著歡慶豐收的舞步,品茶、賞米、逛市集, 慶典的節奏悠閒又浪漫。

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A Calm autumn sunshine graces the fertile land filled with rice patties and as the dance performers ’fluid movements welcome the time of harvest. Audiences marvel at the stunning union of earth, sky, and people.
結合秋收金黃稻田與舞蹈,讓觀者無不驚嘆天、地、人的結合,如 此震攝心魂。(照/台灣好基金會)


Childhood memories of countryside life captured on the walls of a random street corner.

A Chance Meeting with the Arts

Take a deep breath of the coastal air as you step out of the Taitung Railway Station. As you get a feel for the city’s rhythm, you will find that art and life are closely intertwined in Taitung. Strolling through the streets of the city, feel the breath of the ocean as it blows around street cor ners, over the eaves, and gently br ushes against your clothes. Meandering through its twisting alleyways, you will find surprises at every step.


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This Is Taitung Living

Crossing a junction in Taitung, how different does it feel from your hometown?


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The broad roads lead to all the places you yearn to explore.